ChronoSculpt Full Feature Trial

Download Only

Want to try before you buy? Download the full version of ChronoSculpt and use it for 30 days, free.

Read more about ChronoSculpt here.

Obtaining a 30 Day Full Trial License

In order to unlock ChronoSculpt for the 30 day full demo, you will need a valid trial license key. To obtain a trial license key you will need to:

  • Create an account if you don't already have one
  • Download and install ChronoSculpt following the installer instructions
  • Run ChronoSculpt and copy or write down the trial serial number from the lower left of the splash screen that appears on first run:

  • Next Sign In to your account
  • If using the 'Quick Sign In' icon at the top right of the website, click the 'User Icon' to access your account page

  • Once signed in, you will be able to Register the trial serial number that ChronoSculpt gave you
  • When the serial is registered, the trial product will appear in your Account. Download the 30 day trial license to install it

Installing a Trial License

Once you have created an account, installed ChronoSculpt and registered the trial serial to obtain the 30 day license key. You can now install the license to unlock the full version of ChronoSculpt for 30 days:

  • Download the license key (ChronoSculpt.lwk) from the link listed under the relevant trial product on your Account page
  • Run ChronoSculpt again (if you closed the Splash screen)
  • Drag the ChronoSculpt.lwk (download it first) onto the Splash screen that appears when you first start the application

  • Restart ChronoSculpt to activate the 30 day trial mode
  • Enjoy!

Buy ChronoSculpt

Full Commercial Version

$399 (USD plus TAX/VAT where applicable)

Minimum System Specifications



  • Intel® Core™ 2 or AMD Athlon™ II Processor (or better)
  • System RAM: 4GB minimum
  • Operating System

  • 64-bit: Windows Vista through Windows 8.1 64-bit Edition

Mac OS®


  • Intel® Processor
  • System RAM: 4GB minimum
  • Operating System

  • Snow Leopard® 10.6 or better



  • Intel® Core™ 2 or AMD Athlon™ II Processor (or better)
  • System RAM: 4GB minimum
  • Operating System

  • 64-bit: CentOS 6 (Other distros have been tested, but they are not officially supported)


  • Minimum Graphics Card: NVIDIA™ GeForce® 8400 series or ATI® X1600
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels

Installation Requirements

  • Storage: All systems require 300MB available hard drive space (excluding content); with sample projects approximately 750MB.