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  • Workflow
    • How do I delete a surface from an object?
      • When an object no longer has any polygons assigned to a specific surface, on reloading of the model (or scene) those unused surfaces will be flushed automatically.

        It can be useful for surfaces to linger while assigning them in Modeler, if you assigned a different surface to the whole model, and the previous surfaces were removed immediately, you would lose them.  Having them persistent within a session allows you to further assign them.

  • System
    • What are the minimum specs for LightWave?
      • Windows™


        Intel® Core™ 2 or AMD Athlon™ II Processor (or better)
        64-bit System RAM: 4GB minimum
        Available USB Port (for users with existing hardware dongles)

        Operating System

        64-bit: Windows Windows 7 64-bit Edition or higher

        Mac OS®


        Intel® Processor
        64-bit System RAM: 4GB minimum
        Available USB Port (for users with existing hardware dongles)

        Operating System

        Sierra 10.12 or better

        Mojave only supports 2018.x or higher.


        Minimum Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400 series or ATI® X1600
        Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels

        Installation Requirements

        All systems require 750MB available hard drive space (excluding content)
        Complete Content library is approximately 3GB.
        Optical Drive:
        DVD-ROM for Program and Content installation (for boxed versions of LightWave).

    • Do I need a hardware dongle to run LightWave 3D?
      • LightWave versions 11.0.3 and higher do not need a dongle. These versions can run on a software-based license. LightWave 11.0.3+ can still use a hardware dongle, but it does not require a dongle.

        If the user already has a dongle when upgrading to LightWave 11.0.3+, that user may choose to run LightWave from the dongle or from the software license. If the user has purchased LightWave 11 or higher for the first time, that user will be running a software-based license.

        LightWave versions 11.0.2 and older require a hardware dongle and Sentinel drivers. When buying another user's copy of LightWave, do not purchase a copy of LightWave 10 or older without acquiring the dongle that goes with that copy of LightWave.


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