February 2019 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Thu 28 Feb 2019

Our top news this issue is the release of LightWave 3D® 2019, an upgrade focused on quality-of-life improvements in the interface, navigation and workflow. The groundbreaker for this time around is the first real-time collaborative connection between a 3D application and the leading game engine – Unreal. In addition, there are lots of new capabilities for OpenVDB content creation and custom shading. The first question many folks have when there is a new release is how soon their favorite third party products will work with the new edition, so we have included a first look at popular offerings – and most are ready to go now! We round out the issue with tutorials for LightWave Bridge™ to Unreal Engine, Introduction to OpenVDB Creation Tools, Introduction to Smoothing Groups, and Introduction to Material Components.