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October 2015 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Fri 09 Oct 2015

We kick off the month with some incredible news to share! This will be your last chance to get the lastest version of LightWave and save big, so don't miss out! The very talented Italian artist Alessandro di Fulvio opens the doors of his studio to share his experience with LightWave. The Official LightWave 3D Blog, a dedicated space to share information related to LightWave 3D development, is now live with 3 new posts. We wanted also to share several crazy renders from some very talented LightWave 3D artists. Through videos, Khalid Al-Muharraqi, Jeremy Park, Xavier Enfruns and René Falk Thomasius offer their lastest amazing LightWave works. You will discover the incredible series of motion graphics tutorials made by Mark Warner and you will get an eyeful of another stunning artist show reel.

September 2015 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Sun 13 Sep 2015

School is back in session! This month, we turn our focus on education. Vison West Nottinghamshire College in the UK recently adopted LightWave 2015 into its curriculum and instructor Anthony Hall shares his story about teaching LightWave. Students also share their best work from their time at Vision West and talk about their experiences with LightWave. We also highlight a limited time $395 LightWave 2015 upgrade offer and reveal lots of new tutorials—from a new Maxwell Render with LightWave tutorial to loads of new Quick Start videos in our video library. Catch up with LightWave 3D Group President Rob Powers as he is interviewed at SIGGRAPH 2015, discover the winners of the LightWave Spring Into Summer Challenge, and get an eyeful of another stunning artist show reel. 

August 2015 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Wed 05 Aug 2015

We kick off SIGGRAPH Week 2015 with a Powerful Creativity Bundle available August 10-17, 2015. We’ve partnered with 3rd Powers of Japan to offer new licenses of LightWave 2015 with the complete suite of 3rd Powers plugins FREE! A savings of over $600. Upgrade earlier versions of LightWave and receive the 3rd Powers LW Brush plugin FREE! A $169 savings. We also announce Update 3 for LightWave 2015, a full feature 90-day trial of LightWave, and a new series Quick Start videos for LightWave to get you up to speed. The artist spotlight this month shines  on Bruce Branit, who has a long history of professional and independent work created with LightWave. Kevin Phillips offers up a four-part cel shading tutorial series, we spotlight Nigel Schutte’s impressive show reel and showcase trailer from The Asylum’s Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! We close out the month by highlighting the success of Create Expo 2015 in the UK, and sponsoring the Aliens in Space Challenge at .

June/July 2015 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Mon 06 Jul 2015

We head into summer with an exciting crossgrade/upgrade promotion that allows you to add seats of LightWave 2015 to your pipeline or upgrade from an earlier version and  save big money! This month, the artist spotlight is on Brazilian-artist Mauro Corveloni and his amazing eye for creating creatures and characters with LightWave 3D. A stellar LightWave event is happening in the UK on July 20 that offers a bonus for all students in attendance: a FREE  LightWave 2015 Educational license. Additionally, is looking for testers of its Magic Button for rendering LightWave scenes, Fuzzy Frog unveils its Ronaldo & Hugo: Superstar Skaters made with LightWave and Unity, and LightWave receives two nominations for the 2015 CG Awards by 3D World magazine. Add in a new teaser for the upcoming Gangoul & Tricksy animated short , created with LightWave, extended deadlines for the Spring Into Summer Challenge and content submissions for the  LightWave 2015 showreel and we have a full month! 

May 2015 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Fri 15 May 2015

We kick off the month with a new LightWave 3D design challenge: Spring Into Summer! Not only does this new challenge encourage creative thinking (and designing), it offers up some pretty amazing prizes for winners, too. Looking for video tutorials? This month offers a massive load of video tutorials from talented artists like Lino Grandi, who delivers a new series  focusing on LightWave 2015 and OctaneRender, Bryan Phillips who shows how to create halftones with Instancing, and Lorenzo Zita who details one of his popular LightWave 3D characters that was recently featured in 3D Artist magazine. In the news, Tool Chefs releases two free plugins: Harmonic Deformer (based on a SIGGRAPH paper by Pixar) and V-Deformer for mesh deformation, and HurleyWorks launches its new Advanced Placement plugin for LightWave. 

April 2015 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Thu 09 Apr 2015

We leap into April with an incredible Artist Spotlight features Zsolt Ekho Farkas, a talented LightWave 3D artist based in Hungary who creates  (and recreates) everything from cartoons to fine art seen in National art galleries. We also bring to you several LightWave video tutorials from knowledgeable LightWave artists covering how to do node-based surfacing as well as Importance Sampling and Caustics in LightWave. You will also find an informative article on tips for creating stellar eye textures that can be reused and recycled. Also highlighted is a clever animated short on Kickstarter from a team of talented artists in Mexico using LightWave to bring the story to life. 

March 2015 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Wed 11 Mar 2015

This month, we head behind the scenes of the popular television show Sleepy Hollow, where VFX artists rely on LightWave and its VPR to deliever demanding visual effects like swarms of locusts and crows. We also unveil three new series of LightWave 2015 Genoma 2 video tutorials that focus on using presets to moving to Unity and more. In the news, The Mirror UK highlights iconic LightWave artist Dick van Dyke and his use of LightWave in his television show Diagnosis Murder. Afterglow Studios also unveils Space Next, an IMAX project currently in production that is being created entirely in LightWave. Add to it a new spaceship animation tutorial, a LightWave plugin for SketchFab, a contest in 3D World magazine, and a new CGarchitect archviz conference Kickstarter campaign and March is turning out to be a pretty exciting month!

February 2015 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Wed 11 Feb 2015

This month we are all about Get the Love! During February 13-15, 2015, artists can crossgrade to LightWave from any 2D/3D software for only $695 (a savings of $300).  To continue the love, we have posted new LightWave 2015 video tutorials and are proud to show off two new independent movies created with LightWave 3D. We also feature a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Czech Republic that was re-created with LightWave for Unity, highlight a peek at OctaneRender 2.2, and offer valuable info to tap into handy LightWave presets and plugins, as well as social media sharing on the LightWave Pinterest page.