Photorealistic apartment in VR

This LightWave artist gives us a great example of an impressive architectural project made with LightWave 3D and Unreal Engine

Mon 06 Nov 2017

Salif Eric N'Diaye has been working hard these last 10 months to present his first personal VR project. Relying on LightWave 3D and Unreal Engine, he recreated a photorealistic apartment you can visit once the files downloaded. Enjoy the experience!

Project Spotlights: Montage Inc.

Go behind the scenes and see how LightWave 3D enabled this creative team to bring these stunning installations to life

Tue 20 Jun 2017

Working on video productions many high-profile brands such as Panasonic Corporation, Japanese-based studio Montage Inc. uses all the power of LightWave 3D to produce stunning installations. Thanks to their amazing talent, Panasonic’s installations were honored for “Best Storytelling” in the competition that selects the best exhibitions of Milano Design Week 2017 and "People's Choice Award" at the Milano Design Award 2016. Go behind the scenes and see how LightWave 3D enabled them to create these stunning installations.

Underwater Creature Project

Learn how this talented artist relies on LightWave 3D to create amazing underwater scene

Wed 24 May 2017

Expressing his creativity through this personal project, UK-based artist Gary Mellor used LightWave 3D to deliver his own vision. With a combination of MDD's, Bones, Instancing, Hypervoxels, Fogs and Volumetric Lighting, this talented artist shows all his power in this amazing underwater creature project.

Studio Spotlight: Ghostlight

See how this talented team relies on LightWave 3D to create impressive visual effects

Wed 24 May 2017

Run by David and James Codeglia -- twin filmmakers whose clients have included Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney, and LucasFilm -- Ghostlight is offering creative filmmaking services like Directing, Cinematography, Editing as well as creating Visual Effects for major studios and independents alike. With LightWave as their weapon of choice, this studio has collaborated on hundreds of projects of any type and budget, from independent productions to major studio projects like Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII. LightWave managed to play a key role in their VFX pipeline. Check out Ghostlight 's recent VFX works and get ready to be impressed by such unique talent!

Looping Waves

Learn how Simon Smalley created this lovely animated scene in LightWave 3D

Wed 24 May 2017

Summer is here and with temperatures raising up what is better than watching the superb work of Simon Smalley on the looping waves around this lovely desert island? Let's go behind the scenes and see how LightWave 3D enabled him to create this appealing project.

Studio Spotlight: Sublimation, Inc.

This Japanese animation studio really knows how to use LightWave to showcase their talent!

Thu 27 Apr 2017

Founded in 2011 by a team of passionate artists and now with more than 40 CGI projects to their name, Sublimation, Inc. uses all the power of LightWave to produce stunning 3D cel-shaded animations and game titles for a broad range of shows such as  "Hirune Hime", "The Ancient Magus' Bride" and most recently "Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Love Warriors". Check out Sublimation's recent LightWave 3D works and get ready to be impressed by such unique talent!

Create great Cel-Shading look with "YS plug-ins"

The president of Sublimation reveals the secrets behind these amazing cel-shad animation tools

Wed 26 Apr 2017

Have you ever dreamed about learning and using the best cel-shaded animation tools from a top 3D Japanese animation studio? With the YS plug-ins you can add powerful tools created by the Japanese studios, Yamatoworks and Sublimation, to your personal toolkit. Learn how these unique tools could boost your creativity and hear Mr. Atsushi Koishikawa, President of Sublimation, reveal the reasons why they have been developing these in-house LightWave 3D plug-ins for cel-shaded animation!

Cel Shaded Inspirations

LightWave 3D shows its muscles in this MAZINGER Z/Gō Nagai tribute animation!

Tue 25 Apr 2017

Following the latest blog post about the new Cel-Shading features included in the upcoming LightWave 3D release, the well-known LightWave 3D artist Lino Grandi combined his powerful rigging and animating skills with the new Cel-Shading features to create this beautiful example of Mazinger Z tribute animation.