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Tartarus - Steam Store Page is now live!

The new FPS action/adventure game Tartarus is now available on Steam and reveals a compelling dark sci-fi universe to explore

Mon 24 Apr 2017

Developed using LightWave 3D and Unreal Engine 4 for both PC & MAC platforms, Tartarus –an FPS action/adventure game set in a dark sci-fi universe in the year 2230 -- is now available on Steam. Experience this new text-based adventure game and start exploring the spaceship for yourself! And if you want to know more about their production workflow, check out the interview on the online game magazine “80 Level”!

Get creative with Chris Scalf

Learn how this talented artist relies on LightWave 3D to create amazing 3D animated paintings

Tue 28 Mar 2017

Have you ever dreamed about bringing life to your digital art? With LightWave 3D artist Chris Scalf, learn how to turn your digital art into a 3D painting! This month, Chris Scalf shares his amazing processes for creating his "animated paintings” and he is now making them available so that you can view them on his Gumroad channel. These files will give other artists a deeper look into his project and reveal his special techniques in LightWave 3D used to create one of his stunning animated paintings. Chris also welcomes and encourages users to rearrange/alter and render their own version and share them with the CG community.  Why don’t you have a go at it and share with us?

Free Architectural Scene

Awesome Free LightWave 3D Scene by Peter Waldemar

Fri 03 Mar 2017

The talented LightWave artist Peter Waldemar shows once again his incredible artistic skill and mastery of architectural design and visualization. If you share Peter’s passion for architectural visualization and would like to learn more about his creative process, then you are in luck! Peter has created a beautiful architectural scene which he has made available to the entire LightWave community for free! Download it now for a “hands on” look at this wonderful example of architectural visualization including some very elegant furniture designs all created by Peter with LightWave 3D.

Black Holes – Kickstarter Campaign

Let’s see more awesome work out of the Noodles Studio team of talented LightWave 3D artists!

Fri 03 Mar 2017

A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched for a project called “Black Holes” which many worldwide LightWave artists may find very appealing. Noodles Studio has designed the campaign to help support production efforts for Season 1 of the stunning 3D animated “Black Holes” short! Check it out, fund it if you’re interested, and let’s see more awesome work from Noodles Studio's team of talented LightWave 3D artists!

Hurley’s work: New Plugin Preview

Steve Hurley reveals a new dynamics plugin for LightWave 3D

Thu 16 Feb 2017

Steve Hurley recently published several new exciting videos on his YouTube channel that reveal a new plugin that he is developing for LightWave 3D. Seeing NVIDIA's Flex real time dynamics running inside LightWave 3D is just amazing! We can't wait to know more!

The Monster Project 2016

Based on a child’s drawing, LightWave artist Riccardo Zema participated in this amazing project by creating this lovely 3D character

Wed 15 Feb 2017

By collaborating with Elementary students and finding inspiration from their imaginings, a passionate collection of artists bring together a unique concept: “The Monster Project”. The concept for the project is to invite children to freely express their creativity by drawing their favorite monster, then artists from all over the world bring the children’s designs to life in their own artistic styles! LightWave artist Riccardo Zema participated in this amazing project creating this lovely 3D character from one of the children’s drawings.

VFX for “All The Best” movie

Digital artist Sasa Budimir shares the amazing process used to create his CG cockroach visual effects for a movie project

Wed 15 Feb 2017

LightWave artist Sasa Budimir created some simply amazing VFX shots for the Croatian comedy movie “All The Best”! Expressing his imagination through the power of LightWave 3D, Budimir reveals to the LightWave Community his amazing process of creating several CG cockroach visual effects. Read the full breakdown on his Behance profile.

Low Poly Motion Graphics

Mark Warner relies on LightWave 3D for everything from modeling to animation to create his beautiful Low Poly style Motion Graphics

Wed 15 Feb 2017

Once again, the inspiring LightWave 3D Artist Mark Warner is offering another great overview of his creativity. From modeling to animation, LightWave 3D provides all the tools he needs to create these nice Motion Graphics for an (unreleased) music video. If you are interested in learning how to create this cute kind of animation, you can look for all the tutorial videos needed to recreate these effects in LightWave 3D on his YouTube channel.