LightWave Training

User Created Tutorial: LightWave™ Bridge to Unreal Engine: Lights

LightWave™ Bridge to Unreal Engine: Lights from Mike Green

Sun 13 Jan 2019

LightWave 2015: Caustics

Chris Wells shares an understanding of Caustics with IBL in LightWave 2015

Mon 30 Mar 2015

In this video Chris Wells shows how to do caustics in LightWave 2015 using IBL. Wells also shows how to optimize caustics for fast, impressive renders. 

LightWave 2015: Importance Sampling

Chris Wells details how to use the light probes included in LightWave 2015 and the new importance sampling feature to deliver incredible lighted scenes.

Wed 25 Mar 2015

Chris Wells shows how to use Importance Sampling in LightWave 2015, highlighting  the five HDRI light probes from Illuminated Tools that are  included in LightWave 2015.

Making a Forest with the Trees

From VFX Test Hub

Thu 12 Feb 2015

A five part video series from VFX Test Hub to create a forest in LightWave 3D - from terrain to lighting to instancing.

Lighting Concept Art in LightWave

Neil Maccormack shares his tecnique for modeling, Lighting and Rendering an External Scene in LightWave

Thu 14 Aug 2014

Talented 3D artist Neil Maccormack shares some of his secrets for lighting concept art in LightWave.

Light Painting in LightWave 3D

Artist Steve Mcardle shares his unique Light Painting approach for LightWave 3D

Tue 12 Aug 2014

Artist Steve Mcardle shares his unique approach to light painting in LightWave 3D. He uses lights as individual elements to help establish the shape and form of objects in a scene. Lights are the only elements describing the shapes and forms in the scene.

LightWave 11.6: Lighting in LightWave

Sahin Michael Derun shows you how to create compelling lighting in LightWave

Wed 14 Aug 2013

Artist Sahin Michael Derun shows how to create outstanding lighting for scenes in LightWave 11.6. 

Modeler & Layout Tutorial: Neon Text

William Vaughan shows you how to create neon text using an illustrator file in LightWave 3D

Thu 09 Sep 2010