LightWave Training

Genoma 2 to Unity

Lino Grandi shares how to move from Genoma 2 to Unity for game development pipelines

Mon 16 Mar 2015

Lino Grandi, resident LightWave animator and the force behind Genoma 2 technology in LightWave 2015, has created three new series of Genoma 2 video tutorials all designed to help you better understand the power and flexibility of this robust rigging environment. 

LightWave 2015 Genoma 2 RDK : Aligning Items - Parts 1 and 2

Lino Grandi shows how to align the Bank of an item in Genoma 2 and Layout

Tue 24 Feb 2015

Lino Grandi continues to share new ways to make the most of Genoma 2 in LightWave 2015 with free hands-on video tutorials that you can put to use immediately.

Understanding Genoma 2 Presets in LightWave 2015

Includes downloadable assets to help you follow along

Wed 18 Feb 2015

Lino Grandi details using the presets in Genoma 2 and provides downloadable assets from 3dxyz and artist Lorenzo Zitta.

Genoma 2 for Character Animation in LightWave 2015

Two detailed video tutorials from expert character animator Lino Grandi detailing character rigging in Genoma 2

Mon 15 Dec 2014

Lino Grandi serves up two new in-depth LightWave 2015 video tutorials that cover how to adapt the Genoma 2 preset rig to a character.

LightWave 11.5: Rigging Mechanical Objects with Genoma

Lino Grandi explains how to build a rig for a mechanical object in LightWave 11.5

Fri 08 Mar 2013

LightWave 11.5: Weight Maps and Rigging in Genoma

Lino Grandi explains how to assign weight maps and rigs models in LightWave 11.5

Mon 11 Feb 2013

Genoma - How to use a Rig Preset

Lino Grandi explains the basics of using Genoma's rig presets

Wed 06 Feb 2013