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We love seeing the amazing work created by our users. Use this form to submit your work to the Gallery for review.

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By uploading an image you warrant and agree that you are the original creator and own the copyright to the image you submit, and that your submitting the image does not violate or conflict with the rights of any others in the image.

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InfoFeedback On Submissions:

While we would love to provide feeback on any submissions that don't make the gallery, due to the amount of time needed to evaluate each entry, we cannot repond as to why an entry was rejected.

However, the most common reasons for gallery gallery rejection are:

  • Lacking quality in shading, lighting and / or subject framing
  • AA / DOF / render quality settings too low
  • Too many submissions by the same artist at once (some will be held back so as not to flood the top page)
  • Too similar to other entries on the top page (will be held back for a later date)