LightWave Gallery


Examples of LightWave work from our talented community.

Lorenzo Zitta - "Good Boys"
Jet Cooper - Rocketeer
Zahir Khan - Hero Close Up
Mauro Corveloni - Brazilian Indian
Massimo Zuanazzi - Super Cell Shading
Jet Cooper - Effigy To Oden
Guy Wolstenholme - Mono Comic Shader
Mauro Corveloni - Malaika
Lorenzo Zitta - Oooooh!! The Hook!!
Mauro Corveloni - The Joker
Jet Cooper - Robbie Forbidden Planet
Jet Cooper - Helms Of Power - Samurai
Jet Cooper - Centurion
Massimo Zuanazzi - Robot Girl
Massimo Zuanazzi - Roboti-Ka
Adrian Kulawik - Robot Soldier
Mauro Corveloni - Johnny!
Mauro Corveloni - Lyber - Face