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Deep Rising FX

Deep FX
Feb. 2, 2017

Deep Rising FX is a versatile state of the art physically based animation package. A flexible particle system drives the core, that allows different simulation techniques to be incorporated into it. Deep Rising FX excels at delivering highly detailed and realistic fluid simulations.A wide array of physically based fluid effects can be achieved easily.

Deep Rising FX is very artist friendly and it strives to deliver predictable and manageable simulations, while remaining approachable.


State of the art Lagrangian solver

Stable high velocity particles

Open boundary fluid simulations

Unlimited particles

Multiple cross platform particle cache formats (.bin, .bgeo and others)

Viscosity Forces

Surface Tension

Vorticity Effects

Adhesive particles

Versatile boundary handling

OpenVDB Meshing

Kinematic Objects

Multiple Fluid Sources

Custom Mesh Sequencer


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